Rock the Tower Fundraiser 2020

With the record water levels in Lake Superior, Crisp Point Light Historical Society is again faced with the need to add additional rocks around the base of Crisp Point Lighthouse. These water levels may remain high for the next few years. The rocks around the tower and along the boardwalk are settling and need to be stabilized.

Rocks sliding down on east side of Crisp Point Lighthouse.

This project will cost approximately $40,000, is scheduled to start in 2021 (contractor availability and weather permitting), and will add another layer of stone directly around the lighthouse. All total, it will add an additional 300-350 tons of stone. Maintaining this protective base has become our highest priority in preserving Crisp Point. We are asking for your help to Rock the Tower! Our goal is to raise as much of the estimated project cost as possible so that we have funds remaining in our accounts to complete a tower exterior and interior restoration project again in the near future.

Those who contribute at least $75 will receive a limited-edition long sleeve t-shirt. Those who contribute at least $150 will receive a limited-edition sweatshirt and those who contribute $200 or more will receive both. These items will only be available to donors to this project and they will not be sold after this fundraiser is over. Please allow at least a month for the delivery of your item(s). This fundraiser will end on December 31, 2020.

Never A Dull Moment at the Crisp’s Life Saving Station

Many people do not realize that before Crisp Point had a lighthouse, a life saving station was built at Crisp Point in 1875. The station became operational in 1876 and was called Life Saving Station #10. It began its life under the command of Life Saving Station Keeper David Grimmond. In 1878, Christopher Crisp was appointed the new keeper of Station #10. In 1883, the naming of the life saving stations by a number was discontinued due to the ever increasing numbers of life saving stations being built throughout the nation by the US Life Saving Service and the constant renumbering of stations that had to be done. At this time, Station #10 became known as Crisp’s, after Christopher Crisp.
The life saving station keepers had to keep a journal of all the activities going on at each station. One might think that these journal entries would be very boring to read, and in many cases they are. However, we did find some journal entries that we found to be very interesting. On December 1, 1897, James Hunter assumed charge of the station at Crisp Point and in a little over a month, he had to deal with some life threatening issues as you will see below from the following journal entries. The journal entries were completed by Captain Hunter in pencil and were at times hard to read and decipher, so we did the best we could.

Captain James Hunter

January 11, 1898
At 1:30 a.m. I was called over to Cooks House and was told that Surfman Keating was going to burn down his house, it being near the boathouse I went over to see him and found him heartily drunk he having everything piled on the floor it looked as though he intended to do it. I asked him what was the matter and he said he was going to burn down the house and shoot his wife he had drove her away the night before. I tried to reason with him for over two hours but could not. His wife came to the station at 4 p.m. and asked me to protect her and boy. I took them in the station and at 7:30 p.m. he came after her and came the back way with the gun and started to get her and she ran out of doors. I and my wife and Mrs. Cook held him at the door until his wife got away. No men being around at that time could not do nothing with him he patrolled with his gun in hand until 11:30 and then went back to his house. I kept watch all night

New Kids Activity Sheets Developed by Nikki Craig for Crisp Point

We are please to announce that after much hard work and dedication, Nikki Craig has developed some Crisp Point themed activity sheets that kids can work on during those rainy days at the campground or perhaps on that boring I-75 ride.

The sheets feature a picture of the Crisp Point Lighthouse that can be colored, a word search, lighthouse anatomy activity, a crossword puzzle, a “draw me” activity, and a fill in the blank.

Pampered Chef Fundraiser for Crisp Point Lighthouse


Hi everyone, one of our Historical Society Members and Independent Pampered Chef Consultant, Gina Moore, has offered to do an On-Line Party through Social Media to benefit the Crisp Point Light Historical Society and its restoration / maintenance efforts of the Crisp point Lighthouse.

The Online Party will run through February 6, 2019.

Presentation: Crisp Point, More Than Just a Beacon of Light, by Neal & Lonnie Lockwood

Crisp Point, More Than Just a Beacon of Light, is a presentation that is part of the Michigan Lighthouse Festival and will feature the history and stories of Crisp Point Area including Bodi and Culhane Lakes by Neal & Lonnie Lockwood. Neal owned and operated Ashley Building Supply for 38 years. He was a Master Firefighter Instructor for 20 years. Past Master of Ashley Masonic Lodge #614. Past President of Pleasant Lake Lions Club.

Lonnie worked for the US Postal Service for 35 years. She is a retired Postmaster. Lonnie is Past Matron of the Order of Eastern Stars. They are both active in their church and community activities. They have been Host Campers at Culhane Lake for 5 years. The couple married in 1965. About every vacation was spent at Bodi Lake & Culhane Lake with side trips to Crisp Point. They have made some neat finds at Crisp Point that they will share at the presentation.

Neal’s first visit to Crisp Point was about 1958. He was camping with his parents at Bodi Lake. That was when they were introduced to Charlie Singleton. Charlie was one the one would introduced them to Crisp Point. Neal will share this story at the presentation.

Neal has always been interested in local history. He has read several books about the Lifesaving Service, shipwrecks, and the UP logging industry. You will receive some history about the Lifesaving Service at Crisp Point. Neal will paint a verbal picture of daily life of surfmen for you. He will explain the dangerous things the surfmen had to do in their rescue efforts. He will also go down some side roads with interesting tid-bits.

We hope to see you all at Crisp Point on August 4th & 5th at noon.

This event is part of the Michigan Lighthouse Festival. For more info see


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