The History of Crisp Point

Roger William Campbell, First Assistant

Roger William Campbell was a First Assistant Lighthouse Keeper from July 12, 1907 to March 15, 1912. We are unsure of his official birth year, but he was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. One of his World War I Draft Registration Cards (1917-18?) lists his birthday as September 19, 1877. However, the last digit has been written over and it almost looks like it originally said 1879. On the card it said his present occupation was Light House Service, and Employer's Name was US Gov't. His parents were Roger W. Campbell and Addie Angus.

His wife at the time of him filling out his WW I Draft Registration card (1917-18?) was Viola M. Campbell. For the 1920 US Census, she was still listed as his spouse. In addition, other household members in 1920 were Albert R. Campbell, 17; William A Campbell, 16; Loyd W. Campbell, 12; Dorothy M. Campbell, 10; Genieve M. Campbell, 9; Adeline M. Campbell, 7; Margaret M. Campbell, 3; and Donald Campbell, 2. For the 1930 US Census, Roger was listed as widowed. Household members in 1930 were Genevieve M. Campbell, 19; Adaline M. Campbell, 17; Margrete M. Campbell, 15; Donald P. Campbell, 12; Grace V. Campbell, 9; Viola M. Campbell, 7; June E. Campbell, 4; and Betty A. Campbell, 2.

On March 7, 1936 Roger married Hellen V. Charles LaBonte in Petoskey, Michigan, who was 23 years old at the time. The marriage license says that Roger was 55 years old when he was remarried and was living in Cheboygan.

For the 1940 census, Roger was again listed as widowed. Household members in 1940 were Grace Campbell, 18; June Campbell, 14; and Betty Ann Campbell, 13.

Our last record for Roger was when he filled out a World War II Draft Registration card in 1942. He was living in Escanaba, Michigan at the time and he listed his age as 61 and his birthdate as September 19, 1880.


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