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Lighthouse Sites

1. The American Lighthouse Foundation

This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of lighthouses in the US. (URL:


2. Cape Hatteras National Seashore by U.S. National Park Service



3. Currituck Beach Lighthouse (North Carolina)



4. Dan's Lighthouse Page

This web site features a zillion lighthouse links, lighthouse icons, pictures of lighthouse license plates, and so much more! (URL:


5. George Alderton's Michigan Lighthouses Page

This site has pictures and information of many Michigan lighthouses that George Alderton has visited. The site features a clickable map of Michigan with lighthouses on it. (URL:


6. The Grand Traverse Lighthouse Home Page

This site has lighthouse hours, directions, and other information about The Grand Traverse Lighthouse at Northport, Michigan. You can write to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Foundation at P.O. Box 43, Northport, MI 49670. (URL:


7. Granite Island Lighthouse Web Site



8. Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association (GLLKA)

This site has membership information and current event information for the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association. GLLKA was formed in 1983 and focuses on the accumulation and exchange of information as well as the preservation of Great Lakes Lighthouses. (URL:


9. A Guide to the World's Lighthouses by Action Donation Services



10. The Lighthouse Directory

Russ Rowlett's site of information and links to information about U.S. lighthouses. (URL:


11. Lighthouse Getaway!

This is an extensive page of lighthouses from many different regions, including the Great Lakes. It was put together by William Britten from the University of Tennessee. (URL:


12. Long Island Lighthouses by Robert Muller



13. Lorne's Lighthouses

Lorne Hull says that her dream is to visit, photograph, and document every standing lighthouse in North America. When I checked her web site in November of 2009, she had catalogued more than 1100 lighthouses. Lorne has numerous lighthouse links in addition to pictures and information about North American lighthouses. (URL:


14. Michigan Lighthouse Alliance



15. Night Beacons



16. Nightcoaster's Lighthouse Page

Tim "Nightcoaster" Murphy brings you this web site that includes pictures of lighthouses from Hawaii, the East Coast, and addition to many interesting links. (URL:


17. Seeing the Light -- Lighthouses of the Western Great Lakes



18. Fox Island Lighthouse Association

Check out this site to find out how you can help save South Fox Island Lighthouse. (URL:


Michigan Sites

1. Michigan Maritime Museum

This site contains contact information for this museum which is located in South Haven, Michigan (on the eastern coast of Lake Michigan). (URL:


2. Michigan State Government

The State of Michigan's web site has a vast amount of useful information for Michiganders and others. This site contains many links to other Michigan agencies and departments. (URL:


3. Postmarks from the Past -- Michigan Postal History by Paul E. Petosky



4. Whitefish Point Bird Observatory



Great Lakes & Maritime Sites

Great Lakes Information Network
1. The Great Lakes Information Network

The Great Lakes Information Network, or GLIN, is a partnership that provides one place online for people to find information relating to the binational Great Lakes region. Thanks to its strong network of state, provincial, federal and regional partner agencies and organizations, GLIN has become a necessary component of informed decisionmaking, and a trusted and reliable source of information for those who live, work or have an interest in the Great Lakes region. The Crisp Point Light Historical Society Web Page is a GLIN Partner. (URL:


2. Great Lakes Lighthouse Historian (by Scott Bundschuh)



3. The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society (at Whitefish Point)

Founded in 1978 to preserve the lore and artifacts of our Great Lakes. The Shipwreck Society operates the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point, Michigan. (Crisp Point Light's neighbor to the east.) The museum features the bell of the famous ship Edmund Fitzgerald and a huge Fresnel lens. Also at this site is the still operating Whitefish Point Light. Whitefish Point is a must see for every lighthouse enthusiast. For more info call (906) 492-3747 or 877-SHIPWRECK. (URL:


4. Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping

A complete source online for Great Lakes commercial shipping information. Updated daily. (URL:


5. International Marine Signal Flags

The title is self-explanatory don't you think? (URL:


6. Monthly Bulletin of Great Lakes Water LevelsUpdated!

This site features forecasts of water levels of the Great Lakes and other related information. A very interesting site. (URL:


7. National Park Service - Maritime Heritage Program

This web site features NPS Maritime Resources, Publicly Accessible Historic Vessels, Publicly Accessible Lighthouses, Publicly Accessible Lifesaving Stations, Grant Information, and many other interesting maritime related topics. (URL:


8. Points Northeast Historical Society

Points Northeast is the area of Tacoma, Washington that is located across Commencement Bay from downtown Tacoma. Their mission is to preserve, promote and celebrate their local history. (URL:


9. Whitefish Point Underwater Diving Preserve



Miscellaneous Sites

1.'s goal is to provide the most fun, fast & helpful guide to learning to code HTML anywhere. They cover everything from the fundamentals (eg, tables, links and forms) to more tricky topics, like basic Javascript and CSS. (URL:


2. HTML5 Periodic Table at



3. Preservation




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