The History of Crisp Point

Herbert Peck Crittenden, Keeper


Herbert Peck Crittenden was born on February 27, 1872 to Henry M. and Amelia Crittenden in Iowa. His siblings were Alfred, Earnest, and Mable. At the age of 27, Herbert married Mary Christiancy in Detroit on February 14, 1899. While we do not have Herbert's complete service history, here is what we do know. From 1905-1910 he was the First Assistant Keeper at Whitefish Point. From 1910-1913 he was the Head Keeper at Gull Rock lighthouse. Gull Rock was automated in 1913 and the responsibility for the lighthouse was transferred to Manitou Island Lighthouse. From 1913-1916? Herbert was the Head Keeper at Manitou Island Lighthouse. From 1917?-1927 he was the Head Keeper at Crisp Point Lighthouse. In 1927 he transferred to Martin Reef Light until 1928.

On June 12, 1920, the Crisp Point Light crew of Keeper Crittenden, Lewis N. Clarke, First Assistant Keeper, and Robert G. Somes, Second Assistant Keeper, went to the assistance of the 444-foot steamer F.R. Hazard. It was a foggy day and the steamer and the 380-foot B. Lyman Smith had grazed one another at Whitefish Point. It is unknown what the damages were from this incident.*

It appears that Herbert passed away on February 6, 1947 in Monterey, California.

* Denotes information was obtained from the book Lake Superior Shipwrecks, by Julius F. Wolff Jr., 1990.

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