Driving Directions to Crisp Point




ATTENTION snowmobilers, click here for special trail information! Please remember that the last 7 miles of Luce County Road 412 to Crisp Point is a seasonal road that is not snowplowed in the winter. It also becomes snowmobile Trail 8. Do not drive your car or truck on Trail 8 when there is snow! Also snow accumulations take longer to melt than in the lower Peninsula of Michigan and can make the road impassible even in the spring. Usually it is open by the end of May but make sure it is open before you take this trip.

This is not really a trip, it is more like an adventure. The trip is approximately 37 miles from Newberry, Michigan and takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes driving normally. The road goes through some of the best scenery in this part of the state and you will see some of the most undeveloped land in the Eastern States. At the lighthouse you are about 18 miles from a paved road, 23 miles from the nearest electricity, and 27 miles from the nearest gas station, restaurant, and grocery store. So make sure you have plenty of gas, maybe some snacks, something to drink, film for your camera (unless it's digital!), and plenty of insect repellent as the mosquitoes and flies can get quite bothersome at times. You might even want to bring pants and long-sleeved shirts in case the biting flies are out. Also note that due to sandy areas we do not recommend taking this trip with road motorcycles. Once you get off of M-123, the roads are all dirt or sand, are narrow and curvy in areas. As with any trip you take on public roads, you do so at your own risk. Please use caution and drive slow. Road conditions vary due to the weather and if the county road crews have been out, so we cannot guarantee that you won't get stuck. We also recommend turning your headlights on to help others see you. Watch out for ATVs on the dirt roads!

For those of you with GPS navigation systems, we suggest that you do not rely on them because we have heard that sometimes they take you on roads that only off-road vehicles can get through.

  NOTE: Although some of the best sunsets in the world are available here, we do not recommend staying after dark as it is very easy to get lost on the winding roads and help is not readily available. If you have a cell phone you should be aware that it will probably not work at the lighthouse.


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