eBay for Charity and PayPal Giving Program




Crisp Point Light Historical Society is now an official eBay for Charity and PayPal Giving nonprofit organization!

For information on the PayPal Giving Program, please see the following link: https://www.paypal.com/givingfund/donors. If you enjoy buying or selling on eBay, why not try supporting Crisp Point Light while doing it? It's easy and fun!

eBay for Charity is a program that helps sellers list items on eBay to benefit nonprofit organizations. If you use eBay, either as a seller or buyer, you may now help our cause by donating from your purchases, or by selling your items and adding Crisp Point Light to your auction for a percentage of the final auction price.


Any eBay seller who has an account in good standing can create an eBay for Charity listing.

1. Visit http://charity.ebay.com. Under "Start Selling for Charity and Find a Cause to Support", search in the nonprofit box for Crisp Point Light Historical Society. On the next     page, click "view" on the right hand side next to CPLHS. The resulting page will allow you to save CPLHS as your favorite nonprofit.

2. When you create your listing, scroll to the "Choose how you'd like to sell your item" section. If you completed step 1 above, CPLHS     will be one of the choices under eBay for Charity. If not, you will be able to search for it.

3. After you select CPLHS, you will choose a percentage of your final selling price to donate. It can be from 10 to 100 percent and the     minimum is $1.

4. Accept the terms and conditions, if this is your first eBay for Charity listing.

5. Complete your listing.

6. When your item sells, your chosen percentage will be donated to CPLHS. You will also receive a refund of your insertion and final     values fees of the same percentage that you donated. For example, if your donation amount was 50%, you would receive a 50% r     refund of those fees.


When you buy items marked with the eBay for Charity icon, part or all of your purchase will support a certified nonprofit organization. eBay for Charity listings are marked in search results with the eBay for Charity icon, a blue and yellow ribbon. On the listing page, you can find out which nonprofit is being supported and how much of the sale the seller is donating.

If you would like to see only eBay for Charity listings, visit http://charity.ebay.com. Here you can search for items by keyword, category, specific cause or nonprofit organization.

If you win an eBay for Charity auction, follow the seller's payment instructions. Your donation will be automatically deducted.


Thank you to Tom Heidenfelder for providing this information!







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