The History of Crisp Point

Harry F. House, Second Assistant

Harry F. House was a Second Assistant Lighthouse Keeper at Crisp Point Light in 1915. He started his US Lighthouse Service career at the Whitefish Point Light Station and later served at Manitou Island light and on the Poe Reef lightship in Lake Huron, before returning to Whitefish Point to serve as light keeper about two years prior to his death. Unfortunately we are unsure of the exact dates of his service.

Harry was born on September 23, 1895 at Whitefish Point, MI to Frank House and Jennie Gough (maiden name). Both of his parents were born in Canada. Harry only made it to age 39. According to Harry's death certificate, he passed away on January 17, 1935 due to tuberculosis at the U.S. Marine Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Funeral services were held at the Vanderhook Funeral Parlor in Detroit.

He was laid to rest in the Whitefish Point Cemetary.

We believe Harry is on the left standing next to his mother Jennie and father Frank. Photo Courtesy of Mark House.

Photo Courtesy of Mark House.





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