CPLHS Visitor Center Supplies Inventory

Please transfer inventory amounts from the inventory log sheet to this online form to submit it to the CPLHS Board. Make sure you include units (example: 1 case of toilet paper, or 13 rolls of toilet paper). Please complete at a frequency necessary so that we do not run out of supplies. If there are minimal visitors, this may only need to be done once during your stay. If you are very busy, and you think we have the potential to run out of supplies, this may need to be completed daily.

Your name:


Toilet Paper:

Hand Sanitizer:

Toilet Bowl Cleaner:


Disposable Gloves:

Garbage Bags:


Floor Cleaner:

Glass Cleaner:

Paper Towels:

Extra Visitor Log Pages:

Cash Drop Box Envelopes:

Please add any comments, suggestions, or other needed items below:


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